Shooting Calendar

                                  CLUBS' SHOOTING CALENDARS FOR THE

                                                 2019 CALENDAR YEAR

                                 DRY SEASON NT F&G - Tues Mornings 1800-1000, Thurs 1300-1500, Fri 1630 onwards

DARWIN RIFLE CLUB  (Saturdays - Members asked to be at club by 1230 hrs)  If rained out may shoot Sunday instead

                                 PALMERSTON PISTOL CLUB

               LOT 11822  CATALINA ROAD, ARCHER  NT  0830

                                CONTACT TONY - 0458 707 170





                                            OPEN PISTOL TITLES



                              HELICOPTER MOSQUITO SPRAYING


 THE NT HEALTH DEPARTMENT will be conducting helicopter mosquito surveys and control operations during the year in response to high tides and periods of heavy rain. 

They request that during these times:
-the SSAA rifle range be closed for centre fire rifles,
-the Darwin Pistol Club Mover and Silhouette ranges be closed for centre fire pistols. 

Advice on current closures will be included as necessary in the NEWS section.