Mickett Creek Complex

The Mickett Creek Shooting Complex is located approximately 12 kilometres in a direct line north east of the Darwin CBD. The Complex covers an area of approximately 2 square kilometres. The Complex faces north overlooking the coastal flats (and Defence land) adjacent to Shoal Bay.

The Complex was funded and constructed by the Northern Territory Government and opened by Chief Minister Shane Stone on 16 August 1997.

The Complex accommodates four Darwin based shooting clubs, Darwin Rifle Club, Darwin Pistol Club, The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia and Field & Game. The Complex is managed under a lease from Government to the Northern Territory Firearms Council.

Full bore rifle, small bore, muzzle-loading, metallic silhouette, bench rest, single action, IPSC, and ISSF events are conducted to name a few and the future addition of a world class clay target venue is under consideration.

The facilities are unequaled in the region and frequently host national, international and regional competitions.

The complex is situated at the end of Brandt Road at Berrimah. Visitors and interested persons are always welcome and casual shooters can register at SSAA facilities (second club on the left).

Previous signage on Vanderlin Drive was confusing and has recently been relocated to McMillans Road where more prominent directions at Farrar Road are provided. If coming from Darwin down McMillans Road, continue past Crocodylus Park and the Police Complex, past Secrett Road and turn left at the yellow Farrar Road signage shortly thereafter. Brandt Road is the second on the left off Farrar Road. Travel to the end of Brandt Road and you then enter the Shooting Complex.

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If you wish to test or sight in your firearm please go to the second range down (The SSAA Facilities). If there’s no scheduled shoot happening at the time, you can enter the building under the sign “ RANGE ATTENDANCE REGISTER ” and then please follow the instructions re Registration and Fee Payment.

Mosquito Control

Unfortunately due to the proximity of the complex to both wetlands and Darwin City, mosquito control operations by the Department of Health sometimes necessitate range closures. Mosquito control operations are either land based or helicopter based and for obvious safety reasons shooting must stop while these operations, so necessary for public health, occur. Range closures may be either be total or partial depending on where the area of control operations occur with respect to relevant safety templates. Partial closures usually only involve high powered rifles as the rimfire and pistol range safety templates are shorter.