About NT Firearms Council

What is the Firearms Council ?

The Council is an incorporated consultative and advisory body, constituted from within the NT Firearms Act, representing the interests of legitimate firearms owners and users throughout the Northern Territory.

The Council is supported by the Northern Territory Government and solely funded by government financial grants which are used to resource the position of executive officer, fund the Council's operational functions, maintain the Mickett Creek Shooting Complex and manage the Council's Office in the Rifle Club building at Range #1. Executive Officer Alan Sprigg (0418 894589) provides management and administrative support to Council. 

Who are the members of the Council ?

There are twenty members representing peak sports shooting organisations, dealers, gunsmiths, professional users, environment & conservation interests, training providers, independent members and the major regional centres outside of Darwin. These members appoint delegates to serve on Council and every sector of the firearms community is represented to at least some extent on Council. All delegates are volunteers. Please see our contact page for a list of delegates and members.

What does the Firearms Council do ?

To meet the constant challenges facing firearms owners & users the Council has, over time, progressed into an organisation with responsibilities under the Territory Firearms Act, having representation on the Firearms Advisory Council and being a member on the Firearms Appeals Tribunal.

The Council manages the lease of Mickett Creek Shooting Complex and has the central role of consultant within the Territory and nationally over a wide range of matters affecting firearms owners and users.

The Council and its functions are unique in Australia. In no other jurisdiction does a firearms organisation have such direct consultative links with government.

What value is the Council to the firearms owner ?

In addition to having the established means to represent your interests, the Council can provide information, assistance and direction on firearms possession and ownership, shooting club contacts, advice on licensing and registration, training requirements and all firearms related issues.

The Council provides a conduit for considered and objective advice to government on the various issues that arise from time to time with respect to firearms ownership and the law. When issues arise, debate with respect to firearms ownership and use can quickly become divisive with rational debate being the first casualty and ultimately shooters losing out more often than not. The concept of Council is to provide a considered synthesis of the various views from all sectors of the firearms community to government in such a way as to gain the best deal possible for responsible NT firearm owners and users.

Please note that the Council is not able to provide legal advice