Clubs using the Range were requested to nominate representatives to join a User Group to better consider various issues in relation to Range infrastructure and physical management which need to be addressed. This Group should also make decisions in relation to the shared allocation of responsibilities for organising the resolution of such issues, and for deciding how the cost of same should be allocated.

The first such Meeting of 2016  was Wednesday 10 February @ 1800 Hrs at the Rifle Club. Its main issue of discussion was relevance of respective Club licences (Sub-Leases) to 2016 which needs resolution prior to meaningful discussion on relative responsibilities for maintenance of assets and meeting of Complex costs. Feedback from each User Club is sought on the appropriateness and 2016 relevance of wording within Licence Agreements; taking into account as well Council Constitution wording and wording of the 1996 Lease of the Mickett Creek Complex to Council. A further meeting of the group is scheduled for Wed. 9 March 2016; subject to availability feedback from nominees.

Since those earlier meetings however it was discovered that Govt would no longer be meeting the costs of facilities R&M through "Urgent Minors" funding and it was noted there is no provision for maintenance of our $10 million infrastructure assets withing Council Grant funding. Council has no other source of funds. Its 20 member groups are either peak bodies of individual activities (eg. Pistol NT) or industry or regional representative nominees and there is no scope for levying fees on these affiliate delegates for range R&M contributions. Charging fees to each of the four only resident clubs operating from the Mickett Creek Complex would only force them to seek additional funding in any event.

Council has met several timers with previous CLP Ministers in relation to possible self sufficiency options for the complex but these were inconclusive. Meetings with the new Labor Government are being sought for early in the new year. In the meantime User Group meetings have been suspended as there is no capacity to fund any works which are identified in those forums.